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Get ahead of your competition with ELDSI.

And sleep through the night without worries.

Here’s how ELDSI can create, upgrade, maintain, or expand your computer network.

Personal Service
The experts at Electronic Data Solutions, Inc. become your very own IT staff, taking the time to talk with you, analyze your business, identify specific needs before making any recommendations, and keep you in the loop at every step of the process. And if you have IT staff, we’ll work seamlessly with them to get even better results.

Practical Advice
Once we thoroughly understand your business requirements, we’ll help you determine the most effective network options, as well as equipment choices to improve your entire computer system.

Reliable Solutions
We’ll design your new network or redesign an existing system using the latest hardware and software technology, backed by quality installation, in-depth training, and accessible support.

Fast Response
We’ve earned a reputation for never letting our clients down, so you can count on us to be there whenever you have a problem, a new system requirement, or an opportunity that demands quick action.

Competitive Pricing
Our knowledge and experience make us a cost-effective source for all your networking and product needs.

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• Connectivity • Storage
• Data Center Equipment • Backup Systems
• Notebook Computers • Add-ons