Time was when staying in touch while you’re on the road meant having to make a choice:

  • Bring your bulky laptop, cables, and power cord with you – which means protecting it from theft, dealing with airport security and having to carry the extra weight, or

  • Rely on public computers in hotel business offices, airports, or cybercafés which compromise your security.

Fortunately, your choices just got a lot easier. New solutions that keep your VPN over Web browser, and Sonicwall for small business make staying in touch completely private and secure from any public computer. You will find that these cost effective solutions may have you leave the laptop at the office.

Mobile employees only require a standard Web browser to launch the Web portal which provides access to e-mail, files, applications and internal Web sites. For even more powerful capabilities such as seamless, secure access to any resource on the corporate network including servers and complex or home-grown applications, the appliances transparently push a downloadable thin client (NetExtender) to the user's desktop or laptop.

The installation is easy and allows for a great degree of customization for individual users.

We know these systems inside and out. We can show you how to get your team on the road safely and without all the extra weight.


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