It’s happened to you. Your email goes down just as you need to send the most important message of the day. You call your computer support and they put you on the list and someone calls and tries to talk you through the problem. If that doesn’t work, they see if they can fit you on their schedule. Problem is, that doesn’t help you NOW, when you need it.

At EDSI, we build in remote support, so if you need help, we can “see” into your computer and fix the problem with you, right from our desks. So you never have to leave yours. And you don’t have to wait – and pay—for us to leave ours.

We do it by putting a VNC system on your computer. Then, if trouble happens, you give us a call and when you open “VNC Remote” the connection between our support team and your computer is opened. We can actually see your computer screen on our support screen, and we can control your computer just as if we were sitting in front of it.

You get the support you need, right in front of your eyes. Very often we can resolve problems quickly, and you don’t have to spend time waiting, or money to pay for a service call.

Ask us about our how our Remote Support can save you both time and money.


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